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Digital Strategy & Innovation

Innovation and Organization: Darwin comes to our aid

In the current strongly discontinuous context the ability to innovate is being established as the rule of the game for all competitions, capable of swiping away consolidated beliefs on which companies have built their fortunes for decades and on which market rules such as standardized strategies, entry barriers, economies of scale, have been written. Businesses are learning, at their expense, that doing things no differently than before while stepping on the accelerator can not only be unproductive, but even harmful.
The ones who survive the fight are not the biggest or the strongest, but those who adapt best by leveraging the environment’s resources, to inconvenience Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution of the mid eighteen hundreds.

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Digital Strategy & Innovation

Digital Transformation? Management competences first of all

Digital Transformation is not yet a fully defined concept. We are in the middle of a process that could last years and the effects of which could go beyond any current prediction. What we do know instead, is that there is a puzzle with many of the pieces already defined and set in. Something that cannot be postponed: competences.
It’s necessary to bear in mind that due to its pervasiveness the Digital Transformation is no longer only a technologic or strategic view related issue, but a challenge that involves the entire human capital.

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