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Online advertising: new “intelligent speakers” to promote digital audio

The online audio advertising market, that is, Internet audio adverts, in the United States reached 1.1 billion euros at the end of 2016 but nearly nothing in the non-anglo-saxon world, though this could completely change. With the ever increasing spread of streaming music offerings, through subscription models and, even more, free but with advertising, these spaces will be increasingly present to investors’availability. Additionally, a greater number of consumers tends to use mobile tools also without using the screen, thus boosting audio only communication: just think of audio texts in instant messaging systems, voice assistants, the use of headphones to make calls, listen to music, etc.

The real turning-point of this market, however, will be possible when a greater spread of what are known as “intelligent speakers” is reached. These are devices that listen to voice commands and are capable of responding, verbally, by accessing information on the web. All major international players (Amazon, Google, Apple…) are working on these platforms. In the United States and in the United Kingdom (currently these devices only “speak” in English) they are already broadly spread: 15% of American families has at least one intelligent speaker in their home, in the UK nearly 10%. It’s the advertising market and at the same time a format, entirely “new”, additional to what is available today.

This scenario, therefore, as of today presents few figures, great opportunities and two queries: 1) will digital audio spaces further boost the digital advertising market? 2) will this new area also be split among the usual great international players or will there be room for others?

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