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How the ecosystem of innovators changes

Digital innovation is changing the ecosystem of main business references. They seek faster and more agile methods of collaboration through which they can also acquire new operating models and new culture: in the digital technology scenario new players are increasingly populating the traditional supplier and ICT services arena, such as Research Centers, leading clients, but especially Startups.

These the results of the recent 2017 Innovation Survey of the Startup Intelligence Observatory that collected the testimony of over 270 Italian companies. The survey asked them to indicate the main digital innovation drivers of the last three years, and which they see as most promising for the next 3. If the approach of the past three years appears rather traditional with the help primarily of Vendors and technology Sourcing companies (36% of choices), Lines of Business (35%) and consulting companies (33%), predictions for the next 3 years show the opposite picture.

Traditional” sources of innovation are almost all expected to decrease, some, such as Vendors, Sourcing companies, and consulting Companies, significantly (respectively -9% and -7%). On a growing trend, instead, are sources of innovation that up to now have been used less: firstly, Startups, that have increased from last year’s survey and are forecasted to reach 26%, no less, tying with consulting companies. Research companies are also receiving more attention, together with Universities and external Clients (both with a 6% increase), as well as non-competitor Companies (Amazon and Google have shown how to get into new sectors), that in preferences scored from 9% to 12%.

The current innovation scenario is increasingly characterized by an unprecedented ecosystem that is developing before our very eyes. The road is still long but the focus on some elements is becoming sharper. If on one hand traditional innovation players are losing their innovation luster compared to more powerful developments, on the other, there are cases of excellence that are becoming consolidated, also in Italy, of Startups and Research Centers, with their important collaborations with incumbents. Satispay, National mobile payment leader, has recently established agreements with Esselunga and Vivigas; Cloud4Wi has been successfully operating in connectivity for a couple years with some clients such as ACI, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane in addition to several huge names of the fashion sector to offer the best mobile experience and analyze clients’ behavior within their locations; Ferragamo is the first brand to use the exclusive Orange Fiber (basically a fiber made of orange peel scraps) and capturing the essence and potential expressed by the innovative citrus fruit derived fiber, has led to creating a collection that honors Mediterranean creativity. Lanieri, tailor made men’s suits online, also relies on the support of historical manufacturing brands such as Reda.
The list doesn’t end here, this is only the beginning.

Alessandra Luksch

Alessandra Luksch

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Alessandra Luksch

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