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Human Resources Innovation

Smart Working in Italy: the glass is half full!

In talking about Smart Working it’s interesting to compare Italian data with that of other Countries. In doing so it’s necessary to consider that by Smart Working we don’t simply mean greater flexibility in choosing time and place of work or, worse, just another way of defining tele-work, but a much broader and deeper change of the organization. We define it as a new management philosophy based on compensating people with flexibility and independence in choosing which spaces, time, and instruments to use in exchange for greater accountability on results. Making a comparison is, therefore, not easy. However, we can work on some considerations based on recently published studies conducted at European level.

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Smart Working & Digital Organization

Smart Working is not a benefit. And a salary cut would be a big mistake

Among the most common hindrances to Smart Working projects is the perception that the way to agile working is through cuts to workers’ salaries. The idea seems to be that if you work from home you have, more or less, a moral duty towards your office working colleagues to give up a percentage of your salary. But this equates to a cultural limitation: Smart Working is not a benefit and it would be seriously wrong to make salary cuts because of it.

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Digital Strategy & Innovation

Digital Transformation? Management competences first of all

Digital Transformation is not yet a fully defined concept. We are in the middle of a process that could last years and the effects of which could go beyond any current prediction. What we do know instead, is that there is a puzzle with many of the pieces already defined and set in. Something that cannot be postponed: competences.
It’s necessary to bear in mind that due to its pervasiveness the Digital Transformation is no longer only a technologic or strategic view related issue, but a challenge that involves the entire human capital.

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